Name Division Title Phone
Information Line, Customer Relations --- --- 915.212.3333
--- Administration Administrative Assistant 915.212.3301
Smyth, Ellen Administration Managing Director 915.212.3301
Villa, Irene Administration Public Affairs Coordinator 915.212.3324
Becerra, Carlos Facilities Maintenance Maintenance Manager 915.212.3414
Bunner, Astrid Planning & Performance Managing Assistant Director  
Clancy, Forrest Fiscal Managing Assistant Director  
Cordova, David Safety Assistant Security Manager 915.212.3422
Dekeyzer, Anthony Operations, Maintenance, Streetcar and LIFT Assistant Director of Operations 915.212.3306
Domínguez, Robert Fixed Route Operations Transit Superintendent of Operations 915.212.3316
Esparza, Everett Streetcar Operations Transit Superintendent of Operations 915.212.3464
García, Claudia Planning Transit Planning & Program Coordinator 915.212.3375
Jackson, Carl Streetcar Chief Streetcar Officer 915.212.3455
Meza, Danny Fleet Maintenance Fleet Maintenance Chief 915.212.3384
Perea, Steve Safety Safety & Training Manager 915.212.3384
Salamanca, Erica Human Resources & Payroll Departmental Human Resources Manager 915.212.3308