How To

How To Ride

Riding Sun Metro has never been so easy! Follow these simple steps and your trip will be a breezeā€¦ 

Arrive Early - Arrive a few minutes early at the designated stop and wait where the coach operator can see you.

Check the Route - As the bus approaches, check the number and destination written on the front of the bus. Make sure it is the route you want. Find out more about planning your trip.
Pay - Be ready with exact change or your valid bus pass for smoother boarding access. Brio users should purchase a fare or pass BEFORE boarding at one of our Ticket Vending Machines. If you qualify for a reduced fare (e.g., student, senior, disability fare) be prepared to show the valid ID card. If you do not have exact change, the farebox will issue a change card that can be used on future trips.
Be Cautious - As the bus approaches, stay back from the curb and wait for it to reach a complete stop before boarding. If you have a bicycle, you can ride Sun Metro and take your bike with you.
Obtain a Pass or Transfer if Needed - If you need a free transfer or are purchasing a day/weekly pass, be sure to tell the transit coach operator what you would like to obtain before you insert your money into the farebox. Passes can also be purchased before boarding the bus at one of our Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs).
Pull the Chime - About a block before the bus reaches your final destination, pull the cord near the window to request the next stop.
Gather Your Belongings - When exiting, gather personal items and leave through the exit door at the rear of the bus. If you brought your bike on the bus, make sure to remind the driver that your bike is on the rack before exiting.