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Sun Metro routes are grouped by route number and color coded to make it easier to find the routes that service your area of town.

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Plan your trip and get real-time information on all our routes using our Trip Planner or Sun Metro App.

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Route Maps

Schedules indicate when a bus will arrive at time points along the route. Time points are the numbered black circles found on the maps and above the scheduled times. Each route also lists the connecting points for that route, allowing you to transfer to other routes. A detailed map for each route is located above the corresponding schedule.

Time points are read from left to right. If you are at a bus stop between two time points, expect the bus to arrive at your stop after the previous timepoint and before the next time point. To determine your total travel time on the bus, subtract your departure time from your estimated arrival time. The result is the amount of time it will take you to travel to your final destination.

Sample Route


A Route Number & Name
Route numbers correspond to the area of town they serve.
Route Map
The route map shows the path the route takes along with major intersections and points of interest.
Route Information & Connecting Points
List all locations where you can catch a connecting route to continue to your destination. This may include other routes which stop at corresponding transfer centers.
D Route Schedule
The tables in the route schedule list the estimated times a bus is scheduled to arrive at designated points along the route, also known as time points. Unless the route is an express route, it will stop at all bus stops along its route, but time points give passengers a general idea of when the bus will pass by their location.