How To

Use Real Time Placards

Bust Stop Placards

Save time and get the latest bus service information with Sun Metro’s real-time signs. Riders can receive real-time schedule and route data via QR code or text by utilizing signs at bus stop poles and shelters. Here's how to take advantage of this great new tool!

Stop ID

The first number on the sign is the Bus Stop ID Number. Each stop has a unique ID which can be used to gather real-time information about that particular bus stop. In this example, the Bus Stop ID Number is 1064.

QR Code

The image of the square in the center of the sign is called a QR code. If you have a smartphone (such as an iPhone®, Galaxy®, etc.) and have installed a QR code reader app (available for free in your phone's app store), simply open the app and scan the QR code to instantly view bus information at a particular stop.

Text Messages

If you prefer getting the information via text message, you can send a message to 25370. The message should contain only the following information: smbus stopID#

Real time text message

This particular stop services several different routes. You can see the scheduled time of the route and the real time.