Policies & Procedures

Traveling with a Mobility Device

A mobility device is defined as a mobility aid belonging to any class of three- or more-wheeled devices, usable indoors, designed or modified for and used by individuals with mobility impairments, whether operated manually or powered. A mobility device must safely fit onto the lift/ramp of the bus and be safely secured inside the bus to be transported by Sun Metro. Vehicle operators will assist customers with boarding and deboarding the Sun Metro LIFT vehicle as needed, but not with operating your mobility device.

Bicycles ARE allowed. They must be properly stowed so they do not become a tripping hazard.

Personal Care Attendant (PCA)

When you are registering or scheduling trips please indicate whether you will be traveling with or without a PCA. We understand this may change from one trip to another. PCAs can ride free and MUST have the same pick-up and drop-off locations as the Sun Metro LIFT passenger.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome onboard.

Carry-on Bag Policy

Due to space limitations, customers are only permitted to carry four bags on Sun Metro LIFT vehicles.

Guests and Children

Every eligible passenger is allowed to travel with one companion in addition to an attendant. Additional companions are allowed to travel with the eligible rider if space is available. Guests must pay the same fare ($2.50 per trip) as Sun Metro LIFT passengers.

When requesting a ride, you must tell the Sun Metro LIFT representative if you plan to travel with a guest(s).

Children must be supervised by a responsible adult while riding Sun Metro LIFT. Children under 5 ride for free.

Disruptive Behavior

Sun Metro LIFT reserves the right to refuse transportation or service to anyone whose conduct is offensive, intimidating, violent, disorderly, or hazardous; and could result in the disruption of vehicle operations or serious impairment to the health and safety of others.

An unsafe inoperable mobility chair or unsecured oxygen tank will not be transported.

Passengers are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in Sun Metro LIFT vehicles. Please do not distract the driver while the vehicle is in motion.

Cancelling or Changing Scheduled Trips

Sun Metro discourages frequent cancellations of scheduled trips as they may potentially impact other passengers and the LIFT’s overall service. If a passenger frequently cancels trips on the same day they are scheduled to travel, Sun Metro will review trips to determine if a pattern exists and if adjustments can be made to reduce cancellations and provide the passenger with a better service.

To cancel/change a trip:

Pattern of No-Shows & Late Cancellations

An individual’s Sun Metro LIFT service may be suspended if they frequently fail to appear for a scheduled trip, i.e. No-Show, or frequently cancel late.


If the vehicle arrives within the 30-minute window, waits five minutes, and the passenger does not appear, it will be considered a No-Show. Before a No-Show is determined, Sun Metro will make every effort to contact the passenger. This may include:

Note: A No-Show will not be authorized by Dispatch until all attempts have been made to contact the passenger.


Trips cancelled by the passenger less than one hour prior to the scheduled 30-minute window. Late cancellations will be considered the same as a No-Show. This includes cancellations at the door.

Sun Metro understands that passengers will experience unplanned events that prevent them from taking a scheduled trip. However, to prevent abuse Sun Metro LIFT has a strict No-Show/Late Cancellations Policy. The reason for such a strict policy is because No-Show trips mean a ride may have been denied to another person.

To avoid No-Shows, passengers are reminded to be ready at the beginning of your 30-minute window provided at the time the trip was scheduled; drivers should wait no more than five minutes after arriving for passengers to board the bus.



A pattern or practice involves intentional, repeated or regular actions, not isolated, accidental or singular incident. The passenger’s frequency of trips will be analyzed when reviewing the number of No-Shows or Late Cancellations.

POLICY: A violation of the No-Show/Late Cancellation policy is one where the customer has been a No-Show more than twice a month (2 No-Shows) and the No-Shows have accounted for 10 percent or more of his/her rides within 30 consecutive days.

Note: Trips missed for reasons outside of the passenger’s control or those missed by Sun Metro, or its subcontractors, will NOT count as a No-Show.

First Violation: The first time a passenger violates the policy outlined above then the passenger will receive a reminder by mail advising them of the incident and informing them of further consequences should a No-Show /Late Cancellation pattern continue. If after receiving the warning letter, violations continue, the customer could have their service suspended for two weeks.

Second Violation: If the passenger continues to violate the no-show policy within 30 consecutive days, the passenger will receive a notice by mail that the service will be suspended for a period of three weeks starting on a specific date. The passenger also will be contacted by phone to find out if the circumstances were outside of the passenger’s control.

The passenger also will receive written notification about the proposed suspension of service and instructions about the appeal process. The passenger will have 15 days from the date of notification to appeal before the suspension will be imposed. If an appeal is submitted, the passenger may continue to use the LIFT service until a determination is made. If requested, an in-person hearing will be scheduled and anyone can assist the passenger in the appeal process.

Third Violation: If the passenger continues to violate the no-show policy within 30 consecutive days, the passenger will receive a notice by mail that the service will be suspended for a period of four weeks. The same appeal process applies, outlined in the second-violation section above.

Subsequent Violations: The services may be suspended for four weeks.

NOTE: If a passenger goes 30 days without any no-shows or late cancellations, subsequent violations will reset to a written warning.

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