Service Modifications

As part of Sun Metro's continuous evaluation of ridership patterns designed to boost operational efficiencies, the following service modifications are effective Sunday, August 13, 2023. Highlights are: Route 87 combined with Route 7, Route 37 combined with Route 35, Route 64 combined with Route 61, and Route 76 is deactivated. Please see below for more details.

Route 7: Northeast/Cielo Vista Transit Center - MODIFIED

Combined with route 87. Combinada con la ruta 87.

Current Route 7

Route 24: Delta via Second Ward - MODIFIED

Now servicing Downtown TC Bay J. Ahora ofreciendo servicio al Centro de Tránsito Central Plataforma J.

Current Route 24

Route 35: Northgate via Dyer - MODIFIED

Combined with Route 37. Combinada con la ruta 37.

Current Route 35

Route 37: Northgate via Dyer - DEACTIVATED

Combined with Route 35. Combinada con la ruta 35.

Route 46: North Hills Circulator/Rushing - MODIFIED

Minor schedule change Weekday. Cambio de horario lunes a viernes.

Current Route 46

Route 58: Montana/Turner - MODIFIED

Now services the new William Beaumont Army Medical Center during peak hours. Ahora ofreciendo servicio al nuevo Centro Médico de William Beaumont.

Current Route 58

Route 61: Ysleta via Alameda - MODIFIED

Combined with route 64. Combinada con la ruta 64.

Current Route 61

Route 64: Mission Valley via Alameda - DEACTIVATED

Combined with Route 61. Combinada con la ruta 61.

Route 69: George Dieter - MODIFIED

Schedule change Weekday & Saturday. Cambio de horario lunes a viernes y sábado.

Current Route 69

Route 68: Lee Treviño - MODIFIED

Schedule change Weekday & Saturday. Cambio de horario lunes a viernes y sábado.

Current Route 68

Route 76: Montwood Express - DEACTIVATED

Deactivated. Desactivada.

Route 86: Bordeaux via North Loop - MODIFIED

Minor schedule change Weekday & Saturday. Cambio menor al horario lunes a viernes y sábado.

Current Route 86

Route 87: CVTC via Valle Verde - DEACTIVATED

Combined with Route 7. Combinada con la ruta 7.

Route 90: Park+Ride Westside to Eastside Express - MODIFIED

Minor route change. Cambio menor a la ruta.

Current Route 90

Route 206: Alameda Brio - MODIFIED

Schedule change Saturday & Sunday/Holiday. Cambio al horario de sábado y domingo/festivo.

Current Alameda Brio

Route 208: Montana Brio - MODIFIED

Schedule change Weekday, Saturday & Sunday/Holiday. Cambio de horario lunes a viernes, sábado y domingo/festivo.

Current Montana Brio